• Eyelash extension aftercare
    Who doesn't want to wake up with long and nice lashes? Now you don't have to use mascara anymore. Thanks to the fringe extension, you can even get more eye-catching eyes.
    French extension is becoming an increasingly popular treatment.

    We work with the safest and most hygienic technique in fringe extension. We use synthetic single laces which means that you only place a lone synthetic straw on your own fringe instead of a 3-legged lace being glued over several of your own lashes. With the single technique you get a natural plant phase on the straw and no wear on your own fringe. The straw automatically follows when your own straw is ripe and falls off.


    THE EYES ARE THE FIRST WE PEOPLE NOTE and we want to do "a good first impression" on our surroundings. An eyelash extension gives you a sharp and intense look in just a few hours!

    Your eyelash extensions will be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. You can choose between a natural look, a slightly more glamorous, or a fantastic "wow look".

    A treatment always takes a different length of time depending on what conditions you have before. We expect your treatment to take 1.5 - 2 hours.

    A return visit is somewhat shorter, 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

    Our lashes are in allergy-tested synthetic material and are available in different lengths, curves and thicknesses. Because our instructors have good knowledge of the procedure of applying the right number of lashes and the right weight on each fringe, the extension fringe will not weigh down your own natural fringe.


    You will be able to swim, swim, sunbathe, enjoy and feel free and still look natural makeup without feeling discomfort or having to change your habits.

    "WOW" look
    You want an effect that makes people look extra at you. Then the wow look fits. You get long, flexible, curved lashes and a 3D look that makes your look completely irresistible. You have makeup already when you wake up!

    You want a look that 
    gives you fresh mascara look. Then the C-curve fits in lengths around 10-11 mm. The thickness of 0.2 mm suits you.

    You want longer fringes but not so strong black, but you prefer a more natural look. A mix of black and brown lashes in length 10-12 mm and in thickness 0.15 mm will be excellent for you.

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